SAS Installation Cannot Continue


When I try to install SAS I get an error message that says the license is expired and installation cannot continue. 


  • Windows 10
    • SAS 9.4


The SAS installer is using an expired license file. 


  1. Go here
  2. Download the appropriate file for your computer.
    Note: Windows 10 and SAS9.4 will need the file named SAS94_9C6ZWH_70101214_Win_X64_Wrkstn.txt.
  3. Save the file to your desktop
  4. Your SAS extracted files should be in your computer's temp folder, navigate to the temp location to retrieve the files. 
    Note: You can navigate to the temp folder location by typing in the following command and pressing Enter in a Windows Explorer: %temp%
  5. In the temp folder, open the SAS94 folder. 
  6. Open the SAS94TS1 folder. 
  7. Open the setup.exe file. 
  8. When the installer is running and shows the expired date, you can browse to the desktop and open the file downloaded in step 2
  9. Complete the installation as you normally would. 
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