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Instructions for updating the Software Center app to get the latest list of apps available.
Instructions for making Internet Explorer the default browser.
Instructions for resolving failed Windows 10 updates.
Instructions for pinning an application to the Start Menu in Windows.
Instructions for signing out of OneDrive application on Windows.
Information about Windows 10 laptops not connecting to WKU Wifi networks after being upgraded.
Information about the restriction on and approval process for Microsoft Store apps on WKU-owned Windows 10 computers.
Information about self-granting admin privileges on Windows machines.
Instructions for opening Device Manager after granting administrator rights.
Instructions for installing applications using the Software Center app on a WKU-Owned Windows device.
Information about software in the Software Center app failing to install on Windows devices.
Instructions on how to recover a missing window that is off-screen.
Instructions for resolving an APC_INDEX_MISMATCH for win32full.sys when trying to print.
Instructions on turning off S mode on a Windows 10 machine.
Instructions for resetting the display settings in Windows 10 when File Explorer windows do not resize properly from full screen.