Issues Opening Media Files


When I try to open various files (e.g. photos, videos, or voicemail/audio files) I receive an error message:

Class not registered.


The native programs for handling media files are occasionally updated by Microsoft and can reset the association in Windows, leaving it unable to open the files.


  1. Click (Start).
  2. Click (Shutdown).
  3. Select Restart.
  4. Once the computer reboots, login to the computer as normal.
  5. Click (Start).
  6. Type Photos.
  7. Click to open the Photos app.
  8. Click (Start).
  9. Type Movies.
  10. Click to open the Movies & TV app.
  11. Click (Start).
  12. Type Music.
  13. Click to open the Groove Music app.
  14. You can now return to the files you wanted to access and open it/them as normal
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