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Instructions for accessing Zoom Cloud Recordings.
Instructions on how to register for a class as an auditor.
Information on how to access the current semester's schedule, including class titles, locations, and meeting times, according to TopNet.
Instructions for logging into CPDOnline.
Instructions for Instructors on how to add students to a Blackboard course site.
Instructions for enabling closed-captioning capabilities on the user-level for Zoom cloud recording
Instructions for printing out all Blackboard Course Site announcements.
Information on access Blackboard classed even though there is an Urgent! message displayed when I log in.
instructions on how to view a Blackboard course roster.
Instructions for deleting an item from Blackboard.
Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.
Instructions for saving Camtasia Projects on lab computers.
Information on what to do if you do not see your course in Blackboard.
Instructions for students and faculty to access course evaluations and results.
Instructions for accessing Syllabi from previous semesters in TopNet.