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Instructions for completing a Course Copy with Blackboard Ultra courses.
Information and instructions for troubleshooting instructor-level access to Blackboard courses.
Instructions for instructors on how to put students from multiple classes into one course site.
Information on what to do if you do not see your course in Blackboard.
Instructions on what to do when needing to add a non-WKU TA to a WKU Blackboard Course Site as a TA role.
Instructions for fixing broken Blackboard Collaborate Recording links.
Instructions for instructors on removing rosters from a course they didn't mean to put them in.
Instructions for logging into CPDOnline.
Information on how software is installed on classroom and lab computers.
Instructions for Faculty on performing a registration override in TopNet.
Instructions for logging into Blackboard with a guest account.
How to schedule a Zoom meeting using the Zoom Desktop Client.
Instructions for Blackboard instructors on how to enable their course sites.
Instructions for Instructors on how to add students to a Blackboard course site.
Information on detailed explanations for the options available when scheduling a Zoom meeting.