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Why can't I see my course on Blackboard?



  • Course availability is determined by the instructor. Some instructors grant early access, while others wait until the semester starts.
  • If you registered before the beginning of the semester, contact the instructor to see if and/or when the course will be on Blackboard.
  • If you registered late, courses are updated at scheduled times. The course should be available following the next update time frame. If not, contact the instructor to see if and/or when the course will be on Blackboard.
  • If you previously had access to a course, but the time-frame for the course has passed, you must request access from the professor to have the past course reopened. Please see this article for additional information. 

 Note: If access to a course from a previous semester is needed, the student will need to contact the instructor of that course and request to have the course enabled again.


Dual-Enrolled Students

The Dual Credit Office handles the course enrollments for dual-enrolled students. To get an estimate on when your course will be listed in TopNet, please contact the Dual Credit office.



Confirm that you are listed as the instructor on TopNet and that the course was created through Faculty Tools. If you are not listed as the instructor, you will need to contact the Office of the Registrar.

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