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Information regarding what to do if assignments are missing after using Course Copy.
Information about what to do when your computer is missing files and settings after being worked on by Toppertech.
Instructions for hiding / unhiding courses from a course list on Blackboard.
Information and instructions regarding Adobe Reader not having the option to select Save As when working with a document.
Instructions for enabling edit mode to edit a course.
Information about Grade Center columns that are missing after being created.
Instructions on what to do when you notice you are no longer receiving emails to your WKU email account.
Information for students on what to do when they see a course they are not enrolled when they login to Blackboard.
Instructions on what to do when previewing or editing a form asset, some or all elements are missing from the Form Elements pane; some actions/buttons seem unresponsive within Omni CMS.
Information about sending emails from shared mailbox accounts migrated to Microsoft 365.
Instructions to fix the accessibility final check potential problem: Tabular information may be missing table markup.
Instructions for recovering missing or deleted emails for Student/Faculty/Staff email accounts.
How to manually sync an unpopulated mailbox in Outlook.
Instructions on how to restore missing gridlines in Word 2016.
Instructions for finding missing sent messages in Outlook 2016 for Windows.