Recovering Missing or Deleted Emails


How do I restore missing or deleted emails?


Students must be in an academic building on the WKU main campus network to access the Email Archiver. We recommend using the Jody Richards Hall lab to access the archiver.
Employees must either be in an academic building on the WKU main campus network or connected to the WKU VPN. The WKU VPN client can be downloaded here.
The WKU Email Archive contains only the past 3 years worth of messages, and removes messages older than 3 years every Friday for faculty / staff. The Email Archive contains only the past year for student accounts. 


You can access your archived emails with the Email Archiver.

  1. Log in with your NetID and password to the Email Archiver (
  2. You will now see your emails. Select the emails you want to restore and click Resend to Me.
    Note: You can SHIFT + Click to select multiple emails in a row.


Shared Mailbox Email Accounts

Emails to shared accounts are not logged in the Email Archiver and cannot be accessed.



WKU ITS does not support the retrieval of deleted emails for alumni.

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