Articles about using WKU email.

Articles (12)

Automatically Sending Messages

Information about automatically having email resent.

Correcting Recipient Email Address

Instructions for resolving "The e-mail address you entered couldn't be found" error you can get when trying to send an email.

Faculty/Staff-All Attachment Size Limit

Information on attachment limits for messages sent to Faculty-All and Staff-All mailing lists.

Finding a Lost Email

Instructions for getting assistance with email that has been lost or deleted.

Issues Receiving Email

Instructions on what to do if you are having issues receiving emails to your Faculty/Staff (Exchange) email account.

Maximum Recipients

Information about the maximum amount of recipients you can email in one email through Exchange.

Meaning of Bounce Back Email

Information about the meaning of bounce back emails you can receive when sending emails from your Exchange account.

Recovering Missing or Deleted Emails

Instructions for recovering missing or deleted emails for Student/Faculty/Staff email accounts.

Reporting Spam/Phishing Email

Information for handling spam and phishing scam emails.

Sending Email to Multiple Addresses

Instructions on sending email to multiple addresses in the To, CC, or BCC fields.

Supported Email Applications

Information about what email applications are supported by WKU.

Unsending an Email

Information on unsending an email.