Reporting Spam/Phishing Email


What do I do when I get emailed spam or a phishing scam?


 Note: If you have responded to a phishing email with any of your information (such as username, password, or otherwise), follow these instructions.

Phishing Scams

  1. Check the Phish Bowl for the scam email.
  2. If you see the email listed on the Phish Bowl, it has been reported by someone else and you can delete the message. If you don't see the email on the Phish Bowl, please forward the phishing message to
  3. Delete the message.


  1. Forward spam messages to
  2. Set spam settings at
    • The username is the client's entire WKU email address, i.e.
    • First time users click Create New Password.
  3. Open the undesired email.
  4. Click the (More actions) button in the top-right corner of the message.
  5. Select Mark as junk.
  6. Delete the message.
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