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Information for WKU Faculty/Staff/Students on how to send secure and/or large files over the internet.
Instructions for finding your WKU email address.
Instructions for removing cached email messages from iOS devices that have already been deleted on the server.
Information on when WKU email accounts are created.
Information about accessing student email accounts before registering for classes for the first time.
Instructions for how to delete an email account from an iOS (e.g., iPhone, iPad) device.
Information about having a WKU email account deleted.
Information about student email passwords expiring, causing clients to be unable to sign into their account.
Information about how long students can keep their email accounts.
Instructions for setting up Microsoft's Multi-Factor authentication for TopperMail accounts and retired faculty / staff email accounts.
Instructions for resetting MFA on TopperMail or Google Workspace accounts.
Information about scanning from WKU printers to TopperMail accounts.
Instructions for removing the Adobe Send and Track Add-in which can cause corrupt email attachments.
Instructions for correcting Outlook 2019 not being able to search for mail.
Information about updating mail application credentials after having your email account migrated to Microsoft 365.