Creating Email Forms (Templates) in Outlook (Windows)


How do I create a form (template) in Outlook?


  • Windows 10+
    • Outlook M365


There are many situations where you need the same basic structure of an email that you send repeatedly but might only "fill in the details." Creating a form (template) allows you to save the format of the email and create future emails with part already filled in.


  1. Click New Email.
  2. Create the portion of the email you want as a template (ex., Subject, Body, and so on).
  3. Click Developer tab.
    Note: Developer tab is not visible by default and must be enabled.
  4. Click Publish.
  5. Click Publish Form As.
  6. Select Personal Forms Library in the Look In dropdown.
  7. Type in a name for your template in the Display Name field.
  8. Type in a Form Name (can match Display Name from above).
  9. Click Publish.
  10. The form is now saved on the server and accessible anywhere you login via Outlook.


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