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Instructions on using Adobe Sign.
Instructions on how to turn on the Developer tab because it is not visible by default.
Instructions on how to create a form or template to send the same or similar emails without having to re-type them over and over.
Instructions on how to create a new email using a form (template) you have already saved in Outlook for Windows.
Instructions on sending an E-Signature form to multiple addresses.
Instructions on what to do when previewing or editing a form asset, some or all elements are missing from the Form Elements pane; some actions/buttons seem unresponsive within Omni CMS.
Information about why submitted forms in Omni CMS may not be emailing.
Instructions on submitting a project request to Information Technology Services.
Instructions for including a CAPTCHA in Omni CMS.
Instructions for forms emailing submissions within Omni CMS.
Instructions for downloading form submissions to be viewed as a spreadsheet through Omni CMS.
Information on why changes to a form asset are not saving when publishing the updated version.
Information on the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form for student employment.
Information on how to handle issues with EPAF forms.
Instructions for obtaining a W-2 statement from WKU.