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Instructions on how to create a new email using a form (template) you have already saved in Outlook for Windows.
Instructions on how to turn on the Developer tab because it is not visible by default.
Instructions on how to create a form or template to send the same or similar emails without having to re-type them over and over.
Instructions for sending an E-Signature form.
Instructions on using Adobe Sign.
Instructions for validating text elements on form assets.
Instructions on sending an E-Signature form to multiple addresses.
Information for employees on how to request Banner, InfoView, and TopNet accounts and/or training for these systems.
Information about why submitted forms in Omni CMS may not be emailing.
Instructions on submitting a project request to Information Technology Services.
Instructions for including a CAPTCHA in Omni CMS.
Instructions for forms emailing submissions within Omni CMS.
Instructions for downloading form submissions to be viewed as a spreadsheet through Omni CMS.
Instructions for creating a form on a WKU page through Omni CMS.
Instructions on accessing E-Signature forms.