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Instructions for Facultly/Staff on creating guest accounts.
Information on how to create different departmental staff profiles for one person in Omni CMS.
Information on where to get assistance with designing your Omni CMS website.
Instructions for Instructors on creating an assignment in Blackboard.
Information on when Faculty and Staff will get their email account created.
Information about checking the status of the creation of an Omni CMS site you have requested.
Instructions on creating a News Addon component with Omni CMS.
Instructions on requesting a new website through Omni CMS.
Instructions on creating mailing groups in Outlook.
Instructions on creating a Calendar Addon feed asset with Omni CMS.
Instructions for creating a form on a WKU page through Omni CMS.
Instructions for requesting a shared mailbox account (e.g.,
Information about getting a WKU email account created for Affiliates or Non-Employees of WKU.
Instructions for creating a Blackboard Calendar item.
Instructions for instructors on preventing students from creating new threads within a Blackboard forum.