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Articles about WKU related email accounts.

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WKU Email Accounts

Articles about the WKU email system (;

Mailing Lists

Articles about the WKU Mailing List System.

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Accessing Calendly Services and Assistance

Information regarding the Calendly service at WKU.

Email Reappears After Deletion

Information regarding emails reappearing after they have been deleted and potential fixes for this situation.

Emailing Specific Students

Instructions for WKU faculty/staff on how to email specific groups of students.

Reporting a Compromised Account

Information on what to do if you notice someone's WKU email account has been compromised.

Resetting TopperMail or Google Workspace Multi-Factor Authentication

Instructions for resetting MFA on TopperMail or Google Workspace accounts.

Sending a Mass Student Email

Instructions on sending a mass student email.

Using the WKU Email Utility

Instructions on how to generate an email list from InfoView and use it to send an email via the WKU Email Utility on TopNet

Verifying Legitimacy of WKU Emails

Information about verifying the legitimacy of an email send from a WKU email address.