Finding a Lost Email


I cannot find an email, how do I get it back?


 Note: WKU ITS cannot restore email on Microsoft 365 accounts. Microsoft allows a 93 day retention policy on deleted messages, after which they are un-retrievable. You may look for your message using the WKU email archiver; this system is available only if you are on WKU's Bowling Green Campus or connected to the WKU VPN. Instructions for using the archiver are located here.

Note: Per University Policy 5.5054; Privacy of Electronic Information Policy: faculty/staff accounts are archived for 3 years, and student accounts are archived for 1 year.

There are some places that you can check out to see if the email is still retrievable from within your account.

  1. Check Drafts.
  2. Check the Outbox folder.
  3. Check Sent.
  4. Check Deleted Items.
  5. Check the web browser's history.
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