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Instructions for having Outlook automatically delete old emails.
Instructions on what to do when you are unable to delete a Grade Center Column in Blackboard.
Information on how to delete an incorrect course copy in Blackboard.
Instructions on changing your voicemail message on your campus phone.
Instructions for deleting a site.
Instructions on how to delete a folder in Omni CMS from the production server.
Instructions on requesting a website to be deleted through Omni CMS.
Information about shared mailboxes' deleted items going to a user's personal deleted items folder.
Instructions for getting assistance with email that has been lost or deleted.
Information about having a WKU email account deleted.
Instructions for deleting content when the personal drive is over quota.
Instructions for managing bookmarks in myWKU such as adding, editing, and deleting bookmarks and folders.
Instructions for completely removing Microsoft 365 for Mac.
Instructions for clearing passwords in Google Chrome.
Information on how long courses are accessible after the term ends.