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Instructions for setting up inbox rules for your WKU email.
Instructions for enabling or disabling the Focused Inbox setting on Outlook.
Instructions for recovering missing or deleted emails for Student/Faculty/Staff email accounts.
Instructions on how to enable compact layout in Outlook.
Instructions for applying the same view settings to all mail folders in Outlook 2019.
Instructions for toggling the unread messages features in the built-in iOS mail app.
Instructions for turning OWA's Focused Inbox View off or on.
Instructions on filtering messages marked as suspicious to a folder.
Instructions for mass deleting Exchange emails from your inbox.
Instructions for sorting mail in OWA.
Instructions for hiding or showing folders in OWA.
Instructions for turning off sound notifications for new messages in Outlook.
Information on how to re-enable inbox rules after upgrading to Outlook 2019.
Instructions for creating an inbox rule for Outlook 2016 on Windows.