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Information about external drives that are not working or being recognized by a computer.
Instructions for sharing a Google Doc.
Information on "logon method you are using is not allowed" error message when trying to login to a computer.
Instructions on what to do your Start Menu stops functioning in Windows 10.
Information about Dock icons not appearing on macOS.
Instructions on how to fix Internet Explorer crash on startup.
Information about Internet Explorer crashing when showing Word documents.
Instructions for resolving issues with accessing non-WKU websites from the on-campus WKU network.
Instructions for resetting your network settings on a Windows 10 computer.
Information about logging in to a WKU-owned laptop.
Information regarding not receiving subscription email notifications from Blackboard.
Information about what to do when you aren't receiving Instructor emails from Blackboard.
Information regarding the following error message in LockDown Browser: Update server is not supplying information, or the connection to update server is blocked. Please try again later.
Instructions for IT Helpdesk Consultants on how to handle the Not Authorized Error error in Password Management.
Instructions on how to reply to an email sent through Blackboard.