Computer Not Turning On


Pressing the power button does not power on my computer.


  • Desktop
  • Laptop



  1. Ensure power cable is plugged in, both at back of computer and at wall outlet.
  2. Press power button.
  3. Power button should glow when plugged in and pressed.
    Note: If it does not glow after checking the cables and/or computer will still not turn on, the computer will need to be looked at by ITS.


  1. Plug in power supply to computer and wall outlet.
  2. Press power button.
    Note: If laptop does not turn on while plugged in or only works while plugged in, it will need to be looked at by ITS.

Getting Further Help from ITS

Laptops can be dropped off for TopperTech service on third floor of Jody Richards Hall.  See related articles for more information. 

For WKU-owned desktops, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

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