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Information about why there is a password requirement when a WKU-owned computer wakes up.
Instructions for starting a PowerPoint Presentation.
Instructions for exporting a PowerPoint presentation as an MP4.
Instructions for logging out of Blackboard.
Instructions on how to restart an iPad or iPhone.
Instructions for re-enabling sleep or hibernation settings on Windows 10.
Instructions for adjusting the power settings on a Mac.
Information about disabling the Wake On Lan feature in bios.
Instructions on how to stop sleep mode when the laptop lid is closed.
Information on what to do when a desktop or laptop computer does not power on.
Instructions for changing the sleep settings in Windows 7 and later machines.
Information about a laptop stating that it is plugged in but not charging.
Instructions for saving an OpenDocument Presentation as a PowerPoint Presentation.
Instructions for exporting Keynote presentations to PowerPoint format.
Instructions on replacing damaged power adapters and cables.