Issues Logging in to a WKU-Owned Laptop


When I try to log on to a WKU-Owned laptop with my NetID and password while off campus I receive an error message and cannot access the laptop.


  • Windows 10


Windows laptops will remember the last NetID and password used to log in to it while it was connected to the network on WKU's campus. Errors will occur in the event of an attempt to log in with a different NetID and password, if the laptop no longer remembers the saved password, or if a new password is created from off-campus. 


If you changed your NetID password off-campus the laptop will have to be brought to campus to update the password by connected to the WKU network. You can still log into the computer using your NetID and password that was used when the computer was last on campus.

Having an on-campus connection to WKU's network will allow the computer to validate NetID credentials properly. Once connected to the network, the laptop can be turned on and will allow users with the proper privileges to access the machine. Once disconnected from the network, the laptop will continue to allow the last NetID and Password to access it on and off of campus.

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