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Information and instructions regarding problems connecting to WKU's wireless networks.
Information about receiving no network connection errors.
Information about WKU's wireless network and what to do if you are having Wi-Fi issues.
Instructions for connecting a Google Home to WKU-Wireless.
Information about the connection options available to WKU students, employees, affiliates, and guests.
Information about cellular tethering / hotspots.
Instructions for connecting an iOS device to the WKU-SECURE wireless network.
Information on joining WKU-SECURE on Android devices.
Information about accessing LifeWorks wireless internet.
Information about consoles and devices that cannot get WKU network access.
Instructions on how to change priority of Internet connection options. This is useful for docked laptop setups where wireless is trying to connect before Ethernet, causing issues.
Instructions for joining WKU-SECURE on a Windows 10 computer.
Instructions and information about connecting to the WKU-GUEST wireless network.
Information about installing a wireless printer on WKU's campus.
How to uninstall a device/driver from device manager