Connecting to WKU-GUEST


How do I connect to the WKU-GUEST wireless network?


  • Non-WKU users of the wireless network


  1. Make sure you are in an area covered by the WKU Wireless Network. For additional information refer to the Coverage page.
  2. Using your wireless client software, discover and connect to the proper wireless network. WKU non-sponsored guests should connect to WKU-GUEST.
  3. Open a web browser and attempt to browse to a site; when this step is performed, you will be presented with a splash page that will contain valuable information concerning the WKU-GUEST network and the Acceptable Use policy.
  4. Guests must agree to the Acceptable Use policy in order to use this resource.

Note: This network was developed for guests of the University. This network is not intended for members of the WKU community: Faculty/Staff/Students. For optimal computing experience you should be using either WKU-WIRELESS or WKU-SECURE. The following restrictions are applied to WKU-GUEST:

  1. This network is limited to HTTP, HTTPS, and IPSEC protocols.
  2. Devices registered through the Wireless Registration System are prohibited on this network.
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