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Instructions for setting up Cisco Secure Client VPN in macOS.
Instructions for setting up Cisco Secure Client VPN in Windows.
Information and instructions regarding problems connecting to WKU's wireless networks.
Information about receiving no network connection errors.
Information about WKU's wireless network and what to do if you are having Wi-Fi issues.
Information on printing to a departmental printer while off campus.
Instructions for adding a Ricoh MPS printer to Mac computers.
Instructions for adding a networked printer through Active Directory.
Information for accessing network drives off campus.
Information on how to gain access to the Cisco Secure Client VPN software.
Information on what to do when you get a new phone number after being enrolled in Duo.
Instructions for restoring missing network drives when connected to the VPN off campus.
Instructions for mapping to the Shared (S:) and Personal (P:) Active Directory drives on a Mac.
Instructions for mapping network drives on a Windows computer.
Instructions on how to get a card reader registered on the WKU network.