Network & Wi-Fi

Articles about the campus network, wireless, and cable television services.

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Game Consoles & Media Streaming Devices

Articles about connecting game consoles and devices to the WKU network.


Articles about the WKU wireless network.

Cable Television

Articles about WKU's cable television service.

Articles (10)

Available WKU Networks

Information about the connection options available to WKU students, employees, affiliates, and guests.

Changing Network Connection Priority (Windows)

Instructions on how to change priority of Internet connection options. This is useful for docked laptop setups where wireless is trying to connect before Ethernet, causing issues.

Explaining In-Wall Wireless Access Points

Information regarding In-Wall Wireless (WiFi) Access Points at WKU.

Receiving No Network Connection Error

Information about receiving no network connection errors.

Recommended Internet Connection Speed

Information on the connection types and speeds recommended for online courses.

Requesting an Ethernet Cable

Information on requesting an ethernet cable for use in a WKU office.

Types of Ethernet Connection Locations (Non-Residence)

Information about the kinds of Ethernet connections at WKU buildings.

Unable to Access External Websites On-Campus

Instructions for resolving issues with accessing non-WKU websites from the on-campus WKU network.

Using a Router or Switch

Information about using routers or switches on campus.

Using Custom DNS Providers (macOS)

Instructions for adding custom DNS providers to macOS computers.