Using a Router or Switch


Can I use a router or switch for multiple computers/devices to access the Internet?


These devices are not allowed on the network. Only one device can connect through a wall port. For dorm rooms, the devices' connections will need to be switched out as needed. For academic and administrative buildings, more ports can be installed, but costs incurred will be charged to the requesting department.

This policy can be found within the Information Security Plan document found here under the section titled Information Technology Division General Security Considerations. It is listed as point number 7 in the Network Control and Access portion of this section, which reads:

Attachment of any the following devices to the campus network, other than those provided or approved by the ITS Unit, is strictly prohibited:

  • DHCP servers
  • DNS servers
  • NAT routers
  • Network Gateways
  • Packet capturing or network monitoring devices
  • Any device that disrupts or negatively impacts network operations.


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