Explaining In-Wall Wireless Access Points


There is a box on the wall blocking access to my network ports. It says not to touch the device, and to call IT.


  • WKU Residence Halls


The device mounted on the wall is a wireless access point that provides WiFi coverage to your area. The box may be branded Cisco, Aruba, or another network equipment brand.


These devices include at least one wired network port on the bottom. It may be used just like any other wired port, and it's safe to connect and disconnect your devices without contacting IT.

 Note: Do not remove or damage or remove the device mounted to the wall, because it provides wireless service to multiple rooms in your area. Some of these devices contain an additional port on the bottom that may be intentionally blocked. This is a console port that cannot be used for network access. Do not attempt to remove the port cover.


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