Connecting to WKU-SECURE (macOS)


How do I register my computer for internet access so I do not have to login when I am on campus?


  • macOS


 Note: Once joined to WKU-SECURE, your device will automatically connect whenever you are on WKU's campus for the next 90 days. At the end of that period you must delete WKU-SECURE and re-join the network for another 90-day period.

  1. Click the WiFi icon in the menu bar.
    1. Alternatively, click the Apple icon.
    2. Select System Preferences....
    3. Click Network.
  2. For Network Name, select WKU-SECURE.
  3. If prompted for Username and Password, enter your NetID and password
  4. Ensure that Remember this network is checked.
  5. Click Join.
  6. If prompted, accept the security certificate.
  7. If it does not happen automatically, open your web browser and direct it to a non-WKU page. You will be redirected to accept WKU-SECURE's terms of agreement.
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