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Information for WKU Faculty/Staff/Students on how to send secure and/or large files over the internet.
Instructions on resolving this error when browsing secure websites: Secure Connection Failed
Information about streaming media from a network drive.
Information on where the AD shortcuts are located on Macs setup since January 2019.
Instructions for mapping to the Shared (S:) and Personal (P:) Active Directory drives on a Mac.
Instructions for creating mapped drive shortcuts on a Mac computer.
Instructions for connecting to the WKU-SECURE network on a macOS computer.
Instructions for mapping network drives on a Windows 10 computer.
Information about the recommended Zoom security settings for meetings.
Instructions for accessing Personal and Shared network drives via MyStuff.
Instructions for expanding the device list on a Windows 10 computer to show connected network drives.
Information about Windows 10 laptops not connecting to WKU Wifi networks after being upgraded.
Information and instructions regarding problems connecting to WKU's wireless networks.
Instructions for resetting macOS preferences if joining WKU's WiFi networks fail.
Information regarding restoring files and folders removed from the P: (personal), S: (shared), and U: (secure) drives.
Instructions for including a CAPTCHA in OUCampus.
Instructions for using a Duo key fob.