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Instructions for connecting a Chromebook to WKU-Secure.
This article details how one can book a meeting with a full-time faculty/staff using Bookings With Me.
Information on when you will be able to login Blackboard.
Information about what to do if your clicker is having issues.
Information about how to access the internet on game consoles and streaming media players.
Instructions for registering for Maximo.
Instructions on connecting a Playstation 4 to the WKU network.
Instructions for connecting an iOS device to the WKU-SECURE wireless network.
Information on joining WKU-SECURE on Android devices.
Information about dropping a student from a course due to non-attendance.
Instructions for Faculty on performing a registration override in TopNet.
Instructions for requesting access to the Ellucian Training Experience.
Instructions on registering the Mediasite Desktop Recorder after installing it.
How to sign up to Handshake as an employer so you can post job listings
Instructions on how to register for a class as an auditor.