Installing Mediasite Software


How do I install Mediasite recording software on my computer?


  • Windows
  • macOS


Complete these first five steps, and then proceed to the additional instructions for your respective Operating System.
  1. Log into Mediasite.
  2. Click Add Presentation
  3. Click More Information under the Capture Video section
  4. You will be given a link to Download the Mediasite Mosaic software.
    Note: There is also a link to download the older Mediasite Desktop Recorder software. This is recommended for Macs that are not running macOS 10.15 or newer and Windows computers that are having problems using the Mediasite Mosaic program. If you use this version of the software, please skip to step 5 for your respective Operating System after installing the recorder. 
  5. Click the Download button and follow the instructions to download and install the Mediasite software. ​​​​​


  1. Click on the link to the Microsoft Store and then click the Get button.
  2. If you get a pop-up asking to open the Microsoft Store, allow it.
  3. Click the Install button in the top right.
  4. Wait for download to complete and then click the Launch button in the top right.
  5. Return to the web page and click Register once the install has been completed


  1. Click on the link to the App Store.
  2. There will be a pop-up that asks you to open the App Store. Allow the store to open.
  3. In the App Store, click the Get button and wait for the program to download.
  4. Once the program has downloaded and installed, click the Open button.
  5. Return to the web page and click Register once the install has been completed



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