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Instructions on registering the Mediasite Desktop Recorder after installing it.
Allowing Mediasite Mosaic rights to record your screen on macOS devices.
Instructions for adding a Mashup to a Discussion Board description.
Instructions on how to create a Mashup for Mediasite in a Blackboard content area.
Information on the viewing requirements for Mediasite.
Information about what to do if you are having issues with your webcam when recording through Mediasite.
Instructions for on how to share Mediasite recordings.
Information about capturing a single frame of a Mediasite presentation.
Instructions for restarting the Mediasite Desktop Recorder service on Windows computers.
Instructions on what to do when you receive the following error message when using the Mediasite recorder: "Could not connect to Mediasite Desktop Recorder service. The application will begin as soon as service is responding."
Instructions on what to do when you receive the "Address not understood" error in Firefox when using Mediasite.
Instructions for the Mediasite message "desktop recording is being processed."
Instructions for re-uploading a presentation that did not upload correctly.
Instructions on how to create a Mediasite channel.
Instructions for checking your Mediasite quota.