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Instructions on how to upload a video recorded outside of the Desktop Recorder to Mediasite.
Instructions for instructors on how to link to their Mediasite presentations within Blackboard.
Instructions to uninstall the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR).
Instructions for how to edit a Mediasite presentation.
Instructions on what to do if your video is stuck in a queued status in Mediasite.
Instructions for the Mediasite message "desktop recording is being processed."
Instructions for on how to share Mediasite recordings.
Instructions on what to do when you receive the error "Mediasite Player: The requested presentation is currently unavailable. Please try again later. Contact the system administrator if the problem persists." when trying to view a Mediasite presentation from a URL.
Information about Mediasite crashing on macOS computers when trying to record.
Information about obtaining assistance with Mediasite.
Information on what to do if you have reached your Mediasite quota and are unable to create new presentations.
Instructions for fixing Mediasite links that redirect in Blackboard.
Information regarding when installing the Mediasite Desktop Recorder, Error 1925 is displayed saying that the current user does not have the privileges needed to install the software.
Instructions for instructors on how to upload videos into MediaSite.
Allowing Mediasite Mosaic rights to record your screen on macOS devices.