Sharing a Mediasite Presentation (Instructors)


As an instructor, how can I share a Mediasite presentation (video) in my Blackboard course?


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To Post a Presentation on Blackboard

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Click the course that you want to build course content from.
  3. Go to the area of your course where you want to create the link to a Mediasite presentation.
  4. Click Build Content.
  5. Click Mediasite Content.
  6. Click Presentation under the Add Existing Media section.
  7. From the next page you will want to do a search of your recordings. You can both type in the title of your recording and then click Search Presentations, or you can leave the dialog box blank and just click Search Presentations.
  8. Once you have located the video you wish to share, click the button that says Add to [name of course here].
    Note: Your video must be set as viewable to share it. You may have to click the Make Viewable button for your video first before you are able to link it to the course. 
  9. Click Presentation link.
  10. You will then see your recording as a link in the content area where you started this process. 

To Make a Presentation Viewable

  1. Go to the Mediasite portal.
  2. Under Who Can View, select your desired preference.
    • Only Me: Only you will be able to view the Mediasite Presentation. 
    • Only Shared Users: Only users that you invite to the video from the Share Presentation link will be able to see it. 
    • My Organization (Recommended): Allows all WKU members to see the video if you provide them with the link. 
    • Everyone: Allows anyone with the link to see the video whether or not they are affiliated with WKU. 
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