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Instructions for instructors on how to link to their Mediasite presentations within Blackboard.
Instructions for creating a hyperlink in a Word document that leads to a specific location on the same document.
Instructions for allowing students to use specific websites while taking an exam via Respondus Lockdown Browser.
Instructions for adding a Bookmark to the Bookmarks module in myWKU.
Instructions for on how to share Mediasite recordings.
Instructions for adding a Mediasite presentation to a Blackboard Course Site.
Instructions for fixing Mediasite links that redirect in Blackboard.
Instructions for enabling HTML-rich content such as images and links within email messages that are received in Outlook 2019.
Instructions for changing the Entry Point for a course when it has accidentally been set to an external link.
Instructions for downloading a Zoom Recording from a shared link.
Instructions for using the link check feature of final checks when publishing a page.
Instructions to fix the accessibility final check likely problem: Suspicious link text (contains placeholder text)
Directions to find broken links on pages in Omni CMS.
Instructions for creating or editing hyperlinks within Omni CMS.
Instructions for creating a button link inside of Omni CMS.