Finding Broken Pages


How can I find broken links on my pages? 


  • Omni CMS


A page gains dependency when it uses an external source for content, such as using an asset or linking to another page. It then "depends" on the external content to exist. Therefore, it becomes an issue when the directory, page, binary file, or asset is deleted.


Omni CMS has a Reports feature that will list broken pages specific to content the user has access to. This allows for changing or fixing the links on a page-by-page basis. Once the page has been edited to address the dependency issue, it is removed from the Broken Pages report. 

  1. In Omni CMS, hover over Reports in the top navigation bar and click Required Actions.
  2. The Broken Pages report will come up with a listing of pages with broken links. 
  3. Edit the page to address the dependency issue by either removing or updating the broken item.
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