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Instructions for a Main Site Contact on giving someone rights to edit an Omni CMS page.
Instructions on how to add any of the available Snippets to Omni CMS: accordions, alerts, cards, columns, countdowns, lists, maps, modals, social media, tabs, timeline, YouTube.
Directions to find broken links on pages in Omni CMS.
Instructions on how to rename a page in Omni CMS.
Instructions on adding a feed from a WKU Wordpress Blog to a page.
Information about OU Campus stating that a member already exists.
Instructions on what to do when you receive an 'Access Denied' error message when logging into Omni CMS.
Information about resolving the WKU Accounts page error message "Invalid Password. Your password can not be the same as your last password."
Instructions for changing the Entry Point for a course when it has accidentally been set to an external link.
Instructions for redirecting a page you manage in Omni CMS to another page or website.
Instructions for editing a Staff Directory page in OU Campus.
Instructions on embedding a video in an Omni CMS page.
Instructions for uploading files in Omni CMS.
Information about gaining access to Google Analytics for Omni CMS.
Instructions for changing the TopNav branding on a page in Omni CMS.