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How do I use the link check feature of Omni CMS?


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When publishing a page in Omni CMS, final checks will scan your page for errors. One of the checks it does is on the link the page contains. Every link is checked to determine whether it works or not. It will also check the status of the link in Omni CMS staging and production locations separately.


If you have errors in your spell check, you will receive a red exclamation icon, and link which will list all the links on the page and their status. If you do not have any link errors, they do not need to be reviewed.

To review and correct link check errors:

  1. Click the error link next to Links. This will bring up another window.
  2. In the Link Check Results window there will be four columns:
    • Link URL: The page being linked to
    • Staging: An icon for the status of the link in Omni CMS Staging. Hover over the icon for details.
    • Production: An icon for the status of the link in Omni CMS Production. Hover over the icon for details.
    • Status: The status code.
      More information about Link Status Icon Meanings and determining which need fixed.
  3. Make note of any links with a that need corrected. You may skip the following steps if there are no link errors.
  4. Return to editing the page.
  5. Identify the link(s) on the page that go to the Link URL listed in the Link Check Results.
  6. Edit the link by selecting it and using the Link button in the WYSIWYG toolbar, or right clicking it.
    Note: Links may also be contained in components on the page, assets, or underscore files.
  7. Replace the URL field with a valid link, or remove it until it can be replaced.
    Note: Remember to use the Dependency Manager when linking to pages on the WKU website.
  8. Save the page.
  9. Click Publish to run the final checks again and check the link status again.


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