Adding or Modifying a Link


How do I make or edit a hyperlink within Omni CMS?


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Adding internal links (to pages on other sites) is slightly different than adding links to external sites (such as to It is very important to follow all the steps for adding internal links - do not be tempted to type internal addresses. If you properly follow the directions, your link will be added as a dependency link. Dependency links will follow a page, even if the page is renamed or moved, without you having to do anything additional.


Adding External Link

  1. Type the link text and highlight it.
  2. Click the chain icon  on the toolbar.
  3. In the dialog box, type (or copy and paste) the site’s address.
     Note: You must include http:// or https:// for your link to add properly.
  4. Click Insert.


Adding Internal Link

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from above.
  2. Click Browse button  next to the Link URL field.
  3. Navigate through these folders to locate the page or file you would like to link to.
     Note: You might need to change the Server to Production.
  4. Select the file and click Insert.
  5. Make sure you enter a Title that describes what you are linking to. This is important for ADA purposes.
  6. Click OK to finish.


Editing / Removing an Existing Link

  1. Click on the link in the text that requires changing.
  2. To modify a link, click the chain icon  on the toolbar. Follow the instructions to add a link above.
  3. To delete a link, click the icon of the broken chain  on the toolbar.


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