Articles (9)

Adding MP3 Files to WKU Websites

Instructions for adding an MP3 to a WKU site through OU Campus.

Adding or Modifying a Link

Instructions for creating or editing hyperlinks within OU Campus.

Changing the Number of Columns or Rows in a Table

Instructions for changing the number of rows or columns in a table.

Creating WKU Style Tables in the WYSIWYG Editor

Instructions for creating WKU style tables in the WYSIWYG editor in OU Campus.

Embedding a Video

Instructions on embedding a video in an OU Campus page.

Forcing Download of a File in the Browser

Force a binary file (PDF, DOCX, etc) to be downloaded instead of being opened in the browser.

Formatting Table Cells

Instructions for formatting table cells in OU Campus.

Inserting an Image Issue

Instructions for resolving an issue with images appearing as broken when they are inserted in to a page.

Playing Videos in all Browsers

Information on what to do when you want a video on an OU Campus website to play in all browsers.