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Information regarding extending the length of a recorded Mediasite video.
Instructions for adding slides to Mediasite presentation.
Instructions how to fix the accessibility final check critical problem: <video> elements must have captions.
Instructions for using components in Omni CMS.
Instructions for fixing broken Blackboard Collaborate Recording links.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Instructions for instructors on how to link to their Mediasite presentations within Blackboard.
Information on accessing the Kanopy video service.
Installation instructions for the Milestone XProtect Smart Client software.
Instructions for the Mediasite message "desktop recording is being processed."
Instructions on accessing MediaSite from Blackboard.
Instructions for how to edit a Mediasite presentation.
Information on how to incorporate large video files in a Blackboard course.
Instructions for Instructors on how to upload a file to their Blackboard course.
Instructions on how to upload a video recorded outside of the Desktop Recorder to Mediasite.