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Information on how to incorporate large video files in a Blackboard course.
Information about what to do if you are having issues with your webcam when recording through Mediasite.
Instructions on how to create a Mediasite channel.
Instructions for instructors on how to upload videos into MediaSite.
How to set up auto deletion for Zoom cloud recordings of which you are the host.
Instructions on what to do if you have audio or video sharing issues in Google Chrome.
Instructions for instructors on how to link to their Mediasite presentations within Blackboard.
Instructions for creating a new Zoom account or signing into a Zoom account licensed by WKU.
Information about recording a collaborative (more than one presenter) video presentation in Mediasite.
Information about Mediasite Mosaic no longer uploading videos.
Instructions on accessing MediaSite from Blackboard.
Installation instructions for the Milestone XProtect Smart Client software.
Instructions for using components in Omni CMS.
Instructions for resolving error message "Connected to server" in the Milestone Smart Client.
Instructions for requesting the appropriate intercom service, based on issue being experienced.