Uploading a Video (Instructor)


How can I upload a video to Mediasite?


  • Mediasite


  1. Ensure you meet the Mediasite viewing requirements.
  2. Log in to Blackboard.
  3. Navigate to your Blackboard Course.
  4. Click Course Tools.
  5. Click My Mediasite.
  6. Click Create Presentation.
  7. Click  Add Presentation button.
  8. Choose the Browse Files... button under the Upload New Video option.
  9. Find and select your video.
  10. Name the video and enter a description if desired.
  11. Click Create Presentation to begin uploading now.

The video is ready when it appears playable, but it may take some time for the server to process your video. Refer to the article Sharing a Presentation to submit the video for others to watch.


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