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Instructions for uploading a file within Microsoft OneDrive and sharing it with other users.
Instructions on how to upload a video recorded outside of the Desktop Recorder to Mediasite.
Information on how to add a banner to a Blackboard course/organization.
Information about supported file types on Blackboard.
Instructions for Instructors on how to attach file to an item in their course site.
Information about Word 365 auto-saving documents in cloud storage.
Instructions on what to do if your video is stuck in a queued status in Mediasite.
Information on creating a form that would allow a submission to include files, such as images, PDFs, Word Documents, etc.
Instructions on reducing the size of a PDF file.
Information on what to do when Microsoft Edge submits a 0 byte file when the file is open at the time of submission in Blackboard.
Information on the file size limits when uploading files in OU Campus.
Instructions for Instructors on how to upload a file to their Blackboard course.
Instructions for submitting an assignment on Blackboard.
Instructions for uploading documents to the Graduate School Document Upload Portal.
Instructions on addressing slow network speeds when the computer is connected to the network via a Cisco phone PC port.