Uploading files to People Server (SFTP)


How do I upload website files to my personal web space?


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  • macOS
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Note: Before you are able to set up your site, you must sign up for a People site.

To upload website files to your personal web space, connect to the server via SFTP to transfer the files. There are many free third-party SFTP programs that you can download and use for free. FileZilla is a popular free and open source cross platform FTP client that supports SFTP. You may use the SFTP client of your choice. Use the connection details below to connect to the personal web space server:

  • Protocol: SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol​
  • Host: people.wku.edu
  • Port: 22
  • Logon type: Normal (User/Password)
  • User: Your NetID
  • Password: Your WKU NetID password
  • Remote directory: /export/home/NETID (replace NETID with your NetID

To view your website, navigate to http://people.wku.edu/first.last123 where first.last123 is the part of your WKU email address before the @ symbol. For example, if Big Red's email were big.red@wku.edu, their website would be located at http://people.wku.edu/big.red. Also reference Issues Viewing People Website.

If you have further questions on connecting to your personal web space server, please contact the ITS Service Desk or click Request Service.

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