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Instructions for Instructors on how to attach file to an item in their course site.
Information about Mediasite Mosaic no longer uploading videos.
Instructions for resolving permission error when uploading files and images to Omni CMS.
Information about reordering files once they have been attached to a Blackboard assignment.
Instructions for uploading files in Omni CMS.
Instructions for connecting a WKU OneDrive account to Blackboard.
Information on the file size upload limit when uploading to Blackboard.
Information regarding the My Files error: Application Blocked by Security Settings. Your security settings have blocked an application from running due to missing a "Permissions" manifest attribute in the main jar.
Instructions on how to upload a video recorded outside of the Desktop Recorder to Mediasite.
Information about supported file types on Blackboard.
Instructions on what to do if your video is stuck in a queued status in Mediasite.
Instructions for Instructors on how to upload a file to their Blackboard course.
Instructions for submitting an assignment on Blackboard.
Instructions for uploading an offline assignment in Blackboard.
Instructions for connecting a Moto G6 to a PC to transfer files.