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Instructions on how to open an Office program document that has a Grant Access Error.
Information about getting logged into the Library's databases.
Information on what to do if an assignment is missing in Blackboard.
Instructions for enabling edit mode to edit a course.
Information on what to do if you are missing an assessment in your Blackboard course.
Instructions for deleting content when the personal drive is over quota.
Instructions for unlocking a computer that was locked by another user.
Instructions on what you want to if OWA redirects to a blank page when you try to access it.
Information on troubleshooting printing problems in Microsoft Windows.
Information about logging in to a WKU-owned laptop.
Information about being listed as the instructor of a course in order to enter grades for TopNet.
Information for Instructors who have students that are having technical issues with Blackboard.
Instructions on how to print a .pdf file as an image.