Receiving Grant Access Error on macOS


I can't open an Office program file due to a grant access error.


The error has occurred due to a mix up with Apple Sandbox and various Font Management programs.


  1. Close all applications currently open.
  2. Open Terminal by opening the Applications folder, then the Utilities folder.
  3. Once open, type the following command then hit Return.
    sudo atsutil databases -remove
  4. Terminal will then prompt for a password that has been set by the machine's user. When typing the password will appear invisible. After the password has been typed, press Return again.
  5. If Terminal does not prompt as an incorrect password. The Font Cache on the machine should have been cleared. 
  6. Close Terminal then Restart the machine.


Article ID: 3784
Thu 3/18/21 10:27 AM
Mon 6/28/21 10:43 AM