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Instructions on how to restart an iPad or iPhone.
Instructions for Employees to request access to WKU's Apple Store and how to create quotes that departments can use in TopShop purchases.
Instructions on how to enroll a WKU-owned Apple device in Mosyle MDM.
Information on how to install programs downloaded from websites.
Information regarding purchasing and discounts at WKU.
Instructions for completely removing Office for Mac.
Information about SecureToken on macOS computers and how to give secondary users access to it, or deny the ability to login, if the computer is later encrypted.
Instructions on how to manually install macOS updates that fail automatic installation.
Information on why a PIN lock screen may appear on a Mac, instead of the normal login screen.
Information about transferring Apple Store purchases from one user to another.
Instructions on how to save anything as a PDF on macOS.
Information on an adware pop-up that appears on Macintosh computers and how to remove it.
Instructions for opening a Zip file on a Mac.
Instructions for automatically loading apps on macOS startup.
Instructions on how to force quit an unresponsive application on a Mac.