Changing Apple ID Email Address


I received an email and/or notification stating:

Western Kentucky University has claimed "" Starting July 8, 2024, you will no longer be able to use "[first.last]" as the email address for your Apple ID.

Choose a different email address to continue using this Apple ID. Your data and purchases will not be affected by this change. Update your Apple ID at or on any of your macOS or iOS devices where you are signed in to iCloud.


On May 9, 2024, WKU ITS began federating Apple School Manager with Microsoft Entra ID, automatically reserving all @wku email addresses in Apple's Apple ID system for official WKU work with Apple systems.


What Email Address Can I Use?

You must change the email address associated with your personal Apple ID to one other than your @wku account. 

If your @wku account is your only email address, you can create a personal email address with a third-party provider, such as or Alternately, you could create an address, but it takes 30 days before you can set it as your primary Apple ID account. For more information, visit Create a primary email address for iCloud Mail.

How Do I Associate a Different Address?

  1. Using either an iPhone / iPad logged into your Apple ID or in a web browser, follow Apple's Change your Apple ID article for updating your Apple ID email address.
  2. Once your Apple ID is updated, sign out of the old Apple ID: Sign out of iCloud on your devices.
  3. Sign in with your updated Apple ID: Sign in with your Apple ID.

For more information, reference: If you are asked to update your Apple ID email address.

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