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Instructions for finding a student's email address on TopNet using their WKU ID Number.
Instructions for looking up EAC card numbers in the Atrium system.
Instructions for finding a Blackboard Course ID.
Information about the Official Grade Reports in TopNet displaying a masked Social Security Number in the ID field, instead of a WKU ID.
Information on how to unlock Admissions Application Login ID.
Instructions for locating your WKUID.
Instructions on how to purchase a card swiper.
Information about WKU ID Card Swipers and the support the WKU IT Division offers.
Information about the lifespan of a WKU NetID.
Information about why LockDown Browser fails to install on Macs with an invalid institution id error and how to fix it.
Instructions for starting a Zoom Instant Meeting using your Personal Meeting ID.
Instructions for the software for a Mini DX3 ID card reader.
Instructions for adding Big Red Dollars to a WKU ID.
Instructions on how to log in to to access WKU ID card account services.