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Instructions for starting a Zoom Instant Meeting using your Personal Meeting ID.
Information about the lifespan of a WKU NetID.
Instructions to fix the accessibility final check known problem: id attribute is not unique.
Instructions for adding Big Red Dollars to a WKU ID.
Instructions for the software for a Mini DX3 ID card reader.
Instructions on how to purchase a card swiper.
Information about WKU ID Card Swipers and the support the WKU IT Division offers.
Instructions for looking up EAC card numbers in the Atrium system.
Instructions for finding a student's email address on TopNet using their WKU ID Number.
Instructions for finding a Blackboard Course ID.
Information about the Official Grade Reports in TopNet displaying a masked Social Security Number in the ID field, instead of a WKU ID.
Information on how to unlock Admissions Application Login ID.
Instructions for locating your WKUID.
Information about why LockDown Browser fails to install on Macs with an invalid institution id error and how to fix it.